Tokyo One Day Itineraries

Asakusa + Odaiba Asakusa is a Tokyo neighborhood with a traditional vibe. Start your morning in Asakusa at Sensoji, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple, and the nearby Nakamise Dori market. Nakamise's traditional shops supply souvenirs like matcha (powder green tea), tapestries, and geta … Continue reading

4 Must See Kyoto Sights

With over a thousand temples and four hundred shrines, you could easily spend weeks in Kyoto and still not see all the city has to offer. If you don't have weeks to explore Japan's cultural capital make sure to prioritize some of the city's most majestic sights. Blaine and I did not have nearly as … Continue reading

What to do in Ginza  

Photo of Yurakucho by Austin Rea   Ginza is Tokyo’s luxury shopping district. Much like New York City’s 5th Avenue, Ginza’s streets are lined with glistening designer brand towers luring shoppers to open their purses and enjoy the supple fabric and expert stitching of haute … Continue reading